Alisa Spots
"Life and all its manifestations inspire me to create works. There is a lot of beauty around in every moment. Simple things: light, color, trees, leaves, flowers, water, the rays of the sun, people — all this causes strong feelings inside that you want to pass through yourself and give to the world in the form of objects reflecting them."
Anna Kadet
“I’m finding myself often daydreaming about painting. Even when I cannot be in my studio, I know that the work is there waiting for the right moment to spill over onto my canvas. I adore playing, moving thumbnail sketches around and mixing colors, trying new tools. It’s all part of the process. Because my main goal is to touch people will my work, and I wish that my paintings will stay part of their story.”
Helen Loom
“I have always liked to make something with my hands, to give a second life to simple things. Since childhood I have been drawing, making jewellery, working with wood and knitting. This knowledge grew into complex techniques. For me it was a real series of experiments, I spent several months figuring it out, trying to replay the usual techniques in a new way. In the end, I found myself in it.”
Sasha Afonskaia
Sasha creates series of acrylic works on canvas and paper, engages in intimate abstraction in printmaking techniques (monotype, etching), and watercolor, creating mosaics for monumental objects.
"I enjoy the balance between abstraction and realism. I love vibrant, open colors—can't help myself. I adore confident and bold brushstrokes, deliberate spots."
Ivan Afonskii
In my work, I always draw inspiration from nature, carefully exploring images and details. I do paintings of what is around me, what is most interesting to me at the moment. I enjoy depicting the the world that's close to me through portraits of myself and my loved ones, observing how the context and life evolve.
Smile W
Young talented jeweler from Bruges. He admires fashion and makes jewelry collections based on impressions from fashion shows, which he loved to watch as a child.
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